NKO Summercamp Horten 30th June to 3rd July

Brief report from this summer’s NKO training camp in Horten

What a privilege it was to be able to stay in a hotel and experience top service from morning to night with meals you can only dream of. Lovely vegetarian dishes and a varied offer of meat and fish, simply something for everyone.

Together with an awesome group of people, different nationalities, ages, male/female, mon and kyu/dan grades, we have all been working hard, stretching our limits with the aim of:

1) Absorbing improved training methods/new approaches
2) Maintaining/strengthening established network across borders
3) Quality time with great new friends, bonding for future
4) Collaboration/competence sharing/improvement of skills
5) Create value/high ethical standards/see everyone
6) Fill up the batteries
7) Serve as a source of inspiration to others


FanaKK NKO Shinkyokushin Summer camp Horten 30th June to 3rd July 2022