Topping av motivasjon og treningsglede Geilo NKO sommerleir

NKO training camp at Geilo 29th June to 2nd July, 2023

Fana Karateklubb took part in this awesome event with 11 of its members.

9/11 (munus Senpai Eirik og Lisa) - Ute av syne betyr ikke glemt

 Wonderful memories

Wonderful memories with world class professionals visiting, generously sharing their experience with the aim of motivating and inspiring to increased training effort for each and everyone.
A wide specter of exercises and potential approaches and training methods were offered and gone through in detail.

Meet our great world class instructors

Magnus Hanssen (Keiko Fighting & Fitness, Kyokushin) and Mirjam Bjørklund, wonderful personalities with a good portion of humour.

Sound bath 29th/30th June/1st July

A sound bath was offered all summer camp participants with accompanying friends/family at own choice directly after final training session Thursday/Friday and Saturday.
A sound bath is an inner meditative journey where you bathe in the tones and vibrations of instruments designed to open the energy flows in body and mind, providing stability and inner balance. Sound vibrations help dissolve blockages and tensions, both physical, mental and emotional.
By letting go, letting the breath flow and allowing sound and vibrations to wash through you, you are led into deep relaxation, and in this totally relaxed state lies opportunities for the body to begin to balance itself.
We began with simple exercises to open up the breath and prepare the body and mind for relaxation.
Valuable feedback was received reflecting how the sound vibrations impacted on body, soul and spirit and contributed to ones* well being
Gong Master: Ingrid Bjordal
A warm thank you to NKO for arranging this awesome summer camp 2023 at Geilo.
Photo by: Ingrid Bjordal