Nordic full contact – Sustainable training with fun ingredients

Sustainable training with fun ingredients – SMART training

This weekend Fana Karateklubb had the great pleasure of attending very inspiring training sessions led by the professional Japanese instructors, Kumiko Sunakawa & Mitsuhiro Izumi.
Ingredients from these sustsainable training sessions:
– create understanding as to to the importance of breathing correctly
– correct activation and use of core muscles
to ensure the best possible training results.
End result:
– Inspired by instructors, old and new friends
– Refreshed
– Happier
– Healthier
– Well equipped to share with our students back home.
Seen from our perspective and experience, there is health in each punch, block, kick, combination, kata, fight, bunkai, ido geiko, movement, i.e. there is challenges for each and everyone independant of origin and age.
CONCLUSION: There is health in each drop of sweat caused by the above
We feel honoured, privileged and happy.
Fun impacting quality of life positively in a sustainable manner