Inspiration from Japan, by Shihan Kumiko Sunakawa & Sensei Mitsuhiro Izumi

Inspiration from Japan

Fana Karateklubb was represented by Sensei Ingrid and Mattis.

Feeling privileged and enriched having spent
12th to 14th May 2023 on the NKO Shinkyokushinkai Training Camp in Horten.
Professional Japanese instructors Kumiko Sunakawa, Shihan,  Mitsuhiro Izumi, Sensei
Apprx 10 hrs of training (ido geiko, kata, kumite…)
Friendship across borders
Competence building & sharing
Collaboration & inspiration
Strength, health and happiness in each golden sweat pearl

Photo 1: Black belts with some brown belts at the back
Photo 2: Group photo

A warm thank you is addressed to:
– Norwegian Kyokushin Organisation (NKO) enabling the event
– Horten Karateklubb serving as technical organizer
– All clubs sending delegates
– All friends creating memories, energizing each and every one
– Japan providing top level/1st class instructors Kumiko Sunakawa, Shihan Mitsuhiro Izumi, Sensei
– Poland participating with Tomasz Basiak 5 DAN, Warszawa, Branch Chief & Piotr Sztencel, Sensei.