Sound bath – an inner meditative journey

Meditation – Christmas Present to all members

This year Sensei Ingrid offered all club members and their family, near and dear ones a somewhat special Christmas present.

A group of people, both juniors and seniors chose to prioritize this event and were warmly welcomed.


Despite the fact that all training sessions both start and end with brief meditations, they were all curious as to what sound could offer them in addition.

Feedback proved that they were not disappointed.


The sound bath took place at 17:30 – 19:00 on 21st December, an inner meditative journey allowing all participants to bathe in the tones and vibrations of instruments designed to open the energy flows in body and mind, provide stability and inner balance. Sound vibrations help dissolve blockages and tensions, both physical, mental and emotional. By letting go, letting the breath flow and allowing sound and vibrations to wash through you, you are led into deep relaxation, and in this totally relaxed state lies opportunities for the body to begin to balance itself.

The sound session started with simple energy exercises to open up the breath and prepare the body and mind for relaxation.

The feedback given was:

  • This was exactly what we needed during busy pre Christmas days. Thank you.
  • We felt renewed going home, having emptied our system of stress and tensions. This was highly appreciated.
  • Please may we have such sessions more often. It was worthwhile prioritizing this event. Applause.

Merry Christmas all.

From the

Instructor Team