Technical Seminar Shihan Collins

Awesome Technical Seminar with Shihan Collins

Friday 24th of May 2019 – Bunkai to the big gold medal

A session for all grades (from 13 years and upwards)

This specific Friday night will not be soon forgotten. We experienced a Shihan Collins at his best, willingly sharing of his experience and motivating all participants to give all they had there and then, focusing on technique beautifully wrapped in a variety of bunkai elements.We all know what it feels to feel clumsy, but in order to get rid of such feeling, practise, practise, practise, and so we did. The atmosphere was brilliant as it has been each time Shihan Collins has visited Fana Karateklubb over the last decade.Never a dull moment. The feeling of being alive every second. A big competence gap to be filled and we did work on it and will of course continue on way forward.

Fana Kyokushin Technical Seminar with Shihan Collins 24 – 25 May 2019 (Fana/Bergen/Fyllingen)

Saturday 25th morning session – Technical Approach: Kihon – Bunkai continued

A session for higher grades (15 years and upwards, greenbelts – blackbelts)

The higher grades got the unique chance of being analysed and guided by Shihan Collins at his best. Not so easy to escape from his sharp eye if anybody wanted so. :-), which I do not thins, on the contrary.

Shihan Collins’ personal guidance was highly appreciated. All worked hard to align with his technical approach and guidance, as natural is, there is a clear gap to be covered for all.

The time went too fast as always.



Jeanette (1), Eirik (2), Morten (3), Nora (4), Ådne (5), Ingrid (6)


Saturday 25th Lunch for all

All participants having enrolled were invited to a good and healthy luch prior to plunging into the next traing session. This is always a cherished moment with the good conversation, friends with common interests meeting, sharing a good moment of quality time, happy and motivated as there is still a couple of awesome hours with Shihan Collins ahead this weekend.

Shihan Collins ready for lunch between the morning and afternoon sessions

Saturday 25th afternoon session – Technical Approach: Kata – Bunkai

The red thread throughout this weekend was «technique and use of such, i.e. bunkai». This afternoon session was full of bunkai, but it also gave room for both lower and higher katas, aiming at giving all and everyone food on way forward, to build competence.

Our awesome Nora

Lisa – full focus

Arne – full speed ahead

Shihan Collins in teaching mode

Sensei Jannicke





Saturday 25th Evening Time to say goodbye, See you soon

A warm thank you to Shihan Collins

Words are poor when it comes to express our gratitude for having had the honour of having The Shihan Howard M. Collins, 8th Dan visiting Fana Karateklubb, Kokstad, Bergen for the 10th year in a row.


We are all so happy to be able to learn from you, be guided and motivated by you.


Participants from 3 local clubs filled the dojo of Fana Karate Kyokushin this weekend, i.e.:

Bergen Karateklubb:

Fyllingen Karateklubb (no. 2 from left):

Fana Karateklubb:

Fana Kyokushin flowers with Shihan Collins 25th May 2019


Thank you Shihan Howard M. Collins.

Welcome back.


Fana Karateklubb (Technical Organizer)

Sensei Ingrid and her team

Sunday, 26th May 2019