How to develop «Shu Ha Ri»

How to develop «Shu Ha Ri» in Kihon Friday 27th Oct.

Shihan challenged each and everyone for two hours to deliver high quality deliverables at an optimal speed. It was great, indeed, to be tested as to ability to follow Shihan Collins at speed requested. It was a tough session indeed qualifying to the full as to developing understanding for what «Shu Ha Ri» in Kihon means in the real sense of the words. It was a great session and the dojo was full of students from teenagers up to the age of 81 years.

Conclusion after this session: We wouldn’t have missed it for anything.


How to develop «Shu Ha Ri» in Kata Saturday 28th Oct.

Session one on Saturday morning offered a variety of bunkai of a more complex and difficult nature than such of session number 2 over lunch. The morning session was for the higher grades incl. of 4th Dan, whilst the afternoon session was for teenagers and upwards, lower grades and the higher grades.

Session two offered a variety of exercises, working with punches and kicks on a hard piece of wood in order to strengthen Seiken and Chusoku. We were also working with punches on the floor (seiken, hiji etc.) +++++ just to have mentioned a few exercises.

A great thank you to Shihan M. Collins 8th Dan

Thank you for honouring us with your visit again. We simply cannot get enough of your motivating way of instructing.You have so much to offer each and every one. We already look forward to next time we meet under the umbrella of Kyokushin karate.


Det vil bli lagt ut bilder straks disse foreligger klar, så følg bare med.