Thank you Shihan Collins

A Great Thank You to Shihan

All training sessions with Shihan Collins were stamped exclusive. Like always Collins had so much to offer. If you were not there you missed exclusive trainings focusing on wisdom and strength.

Seven Years

It’s become a tradition one can say being honoured by Shihan Collins’ visit twice a year 7 years in a row. We wouldn’t miss it for anything.

Including the Youth

Quite a few of our younger ones were included in the trainings this time and with great success.

Good Feedback

Nothing but good feedback has been received.


You are welcome to train with Fana Karateklubb and get to know our Fana Kyokushin Family, kids, youth and adults, young and old, women and men.

We are ready to welcome you.

Wisdom and strength with Shihan Collins and the Fana Kyokushin Family