Taste from 1st training session Friday 31st March

Shihan Collins at his best

We were met with awesome energy and a Shihan Collins at his best. A great training session took place on Friday evening. The dojo was full of eager and enthusiastic Kyokushin students from approximately 13 years up to apprx. 80 years old, a beautiful mixture of lower and higher grades.


The Group was challenged

Thanks to Shihan Collins the group was challenged and inspired to stretch its limits from beginning until end. «Rivers were flowing» – beautiful and pure sweat at its best». You could smell the atmosphere and the enormous energy filling the dojo.


Kihon, Kata & Bunkai side by side

Most major ingredients sorting under the umbrella of Kyokushin was offered there and then under the motto «Wisdom and Strength» and we could simply not have had a better instructor and energizer during such session.

Use it or lose it

Keep going. Don’t give up when it’s getting difficult. Work hard. Have a plan. Use it or lose it in the sense: Work on a regular basis, don’t take «longer» breaks without any training at all. «Use it or lose it».

Speed and Energy

It is not sufficient being strong, You have to focus on speed as weel. Shihan is an eminent example of the possibilities that lay ahead of us. His legs «flie up» as if it costs nothing and he’s no longer 21. Nevertheless age is only a figure we all agree.


Awesome 1st training session with Shihan Collins 8th Dan 31st March 2017