1st April Shihan Collins’ Afternoon Training Session

Shihan Collins’ Afternoon Training Session

New chance new possibilities this specific afternoon of 1st April 2017. The dojo was filled up with Wisdom and Strength hungre Fana Kyokushin Family members this first afternoon of April.


This training session was like the previous ones yesterday and today professionally led by a motivating Shihan Collins at his best, no doubt about that.


We feel so honoured by Shihan Collins’ visit. It means a lot to all of us to be able to train under Shihan Collins’ inspiring leadership.

Use it or lose it

Practise, practise, practise, use it or lose it. Wisdom and strength hand in hand.

Mon/Kyu Grades/Belts

It is not the grade or colour of your belt that tells who you are.

To train strength might be easy and everyone can do it, but wisdom takes so much more than strength.

What is a good Karate Ka?

Sharing with others is an essential asset. Willingness to help where it’s necessary without being asked is not taken for granted but certainly highly appreciated when available. Think before you use big words about how good you are. Wisdom and Strength are essential values worthwhile striving for.



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