Fana KK sitt bidrag for å bedre hverdagen for barna i Nepal

Fana Karate Club wanted to help the earthquake victims in Nepal and organised a lottery earlier this year. Fana Karate Club has given the income from the lottery 17.004 NOK (2093 USD) to our school project. For this donation can we build 1,7 toilets to the cost of 10.000 NOK (1,200 USD) per toilet in Sertun a remote village in Nepal. It is also a good start capital to build a classroom in the same village that cost 85.000 NOK (10.500 USD). 100% of the money we receive to the project will be used to build the school. In other words 17,004 NOK (2093 USD) will be used on the project in the village. Red more about the project

THANK YOU SO MUCH Fana Karete Club for your contribution. It really means a lot to us to get the honour to receive the income from your lottery.

Support our project by giving a donation to:
Giitu Nepal’s bank account: 1503 65 54689 (Norwegian NGO)
Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund

I also invite you to come to Oslo and party with us on 24th of October

Ingvill Ytreland sitt bilde.

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