«Never forget the true virtue of humility» with Shihan Howard M. Collins

«Never forget the true virtue of humility» was the topic of current training seminar in Fana Karate Kyokushin Family at Kokstad, Bergen this weekend.

Thank you Shihan Howard M. Collins for having shared of his unique competence and experience with his Kyokushin Family in Fana, Bergen.

We had awesome training sessions with our great mentor and energizer. We have learnt a lot and filled up with valuable experience and motivation to proceed with our work in the name of Kyokushin spirit.

We feel honoured and full of respect.

Thank you from Fana Karateklubb

Welcome back

All the best.

Kyokushin is our way of life.


Collins trainingseminar 18-19sept 114

Here is a tiny glimpse from the morning group of brown and black belts.