Når starter du forberedelsen til din trening?

When do you start preparing to train?

Are you the kind of person who runs into the dojo at the very last minute and then thinks about Training? Most of us like to get to the dojo at a reasonable time in order to stretch and warm up a Little. My blog this time is about when do you start preparing to train, here are some simple tips for you.

  1. If you start from work or home the idea is the same, try not to think about the days problems rather think about the training thats going to come, take a deep breath.
  2. When you take off your shoes place them tidily on the floor, this means that you have left the outside world and have started your preparation.
  3. You take off your daily cloths and put on a clean white gi, another step in leaving not only the outside world but also your ego. Once the gi is on we are all one.
  4. When you enter the dojo you give a loud Osu showing that you are ready to do your best and train hard.
  5. Great your Sempai, Sensei to show them that your ready.
  6. Lessons usually start with Mokuso, this is the final step before you can start training the last chance to leave the outside world and focus on what is to come. Breath deeply and slowly and calm your mind.

So don’t think that your training starts when your instructor says Hajime, think again.